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First and foremost, I love children and love babies. As a British qualified Postpartum Doula/Maternity Nurse I have come to beautiful British Columbia to offer my substantial experience to you. I have a great deal of understanding of newborn’s needs and development

In the United Kingdom and now working in Canada I’ve been able to establish a fantastic circle of clients. All babies need the best start possible and I’m available to help you ensure your baby is getting just that. I’ve amassed over 20 years experience in my field of expertise and have developed an intuition for what baby wants. ( Let me help you make this sometimes challenging transition as seamless as possible for you and you family.)

I can offer support for you and your baby/babies through the early stages of motherhood when things could be overwhelming. Establish a set routine which would fit around other family members. I am on call 24 hrs 4-5 days a week, However, hours could be negotiable depending on your requirements, Please contact me to discuss your options.

Twins are my speciality with 10 years of continuous happy experience. Singletons are welcome too!

My aim is to Advise-Help-Support and Achieve!

History: Children have always been part of my life.Whether its nieces/nephews, goddaughters, cousins or nannying for other children. I knew from an early age I was meant to care for children. I find caring for infants/children rewarding and it comes naturally to me. I completed my Maternity Nurse Training (MNT) course in the UK in 2006 .I’ve cared for new mothers and newborns ever since. I hold a Pediatric First Aid Certificate and Enhanced CRB Check (Criminal Record Bureau Check). I consider myself extremely blessed to do have a profession that I adore. All through this journey I have met amazing families and I am so looking forward to my next challenge to begin.


“Gaby has an outgoing and warm personality and fitted well into our family environment.  She was extremely gentle and caring towards the babies and A, demonstrating a genuine affection which is important to a mother when someone else is with her babies!  She has a great understanding of babies and children and sense of fun but also knows when to be firm”  Mum of Twin boys/UK

“M&J are our first children and we did not really know an awful lot about child care (beyond what we had read about in the self help books first time parents-to -be tend to buy). Gaby calmly guided us through many of the practicalities and was extremely good with the girls. Don’t know what we would have done without her during this extremely busy and tiring time”  Dad of Twin Girls/UK

“We have found Gabi very professional, caring and flexible with the care of our boys and we are incredibly reluctant to let her go – in short she has been marvellous. In addition to the meticulous care she has shown our twins, she has looked after me, was punctual, was friendly and personably as well as being down to earth – we have really enjoyed having her in our house. Very importantly I found that Gabi could be relied on as well as being reliable, something essential when you have a very busy household and you have just given birth to twins”  Mum of Twins/London

“Gaby was a great source of information for us in those early days of first-time parenting and we felt good knowing our babies were being cared for by someone enjoys looking after them and has a firm foundation in baby care” Mum of Twins/Vancouver

“Gaby is an incedibly kind and caring individual with an obvious love for children.We felt comfortable when our boys were in her care and we were able to have a much needed rest to be up for the day time challenge of caring for our twins” Mum of Twins/Vancouver.

“Gaby helped us introduce a day and night routine and provided us with a world of advice and care from her many years of experience dealing with newborns and babies. With her strong affection,calm professionalism and gentle approach, she guided us all on to a path that has been very successful for our family” Mum of twin boys,Vancouver BC

“So much can be done in so little time, small steps take you so far”

Vancouver Postpartum Doula Services Newborn Care


Vancouver Postpartum Doula Services Newborn Care